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Keith has offered him a partnership,and more importantly, he is in love with Keith’s daughter. When Ben warns Andy that a mine on the property would foul up Ponderosa water, Andy agrees not to sell the land. Len Keith, determined to get that land, plants tick infested cattle in a Ponderosa herd to turn Andy against the Cartwrights. Nearly 1 month after its reported delivery, a buyer claimed to have not received his shipment. Without contacting us about the issue, the buyer posted a 1-star feedback. In the feedback, he stated that the USPS might have lost the shipment; and because the dollar value of the order was a “small amount,” the matter was not worth looking into.

  • Ben, Hoss and Joe, along with Candy and a fellow rancher, are jailed on false trespassing charges by a greedy mining tycoon.
  • Become a verified brand rep for Bonanza and amplify your brand’s voice on Knoji.
  • With no telephone support, it lacks a little in the customer service department, but the site is straightforward, simple and full of listing perks.
  • After being told I could return it, I returned and the seller is refusing to refund me claiming the product is damaged even though I insured it.
  • Fifteen years ago, Frank took Red Cloud’s warbonnet, and has been proudly displaying it ever since, on the wall in his saloon.

Ben sees the town boss, John Walker, bullying the saloon waitress, and he comes to her defense. When Ben steps outside of the saloon, Walker shoots him in the back. Badly wounded, Ben shoots back, killing Walker just before he falls unconscious. While Joe keeps a vigil at Ben’s bedside, the priest tells him Los Robles had always best online casinos for real money been ruled unquestionably by John Walker and his son Jed. Sure enough, he tells Joe if he doesn’t hand Ben over in 24 hours, he will kill every citizen in Los Robles, one an hour. To complicate matters more, Walker’s foreman, Garth, deliberately tells Jed that Ben shot his father in the back, in hopes that Joe will kill Walker, so he can run the Walker ranch.

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The best thing about Bonanza is that you can bring your eBay reputation with you. There is nothing as satisfying as seeing your eBay credibility shown off on your day-old Bonanza page. Bonanza automatically sends listings to Bing and Google Shopping. This allows sellers to have more exposure through advertising their listings in other channels like Nextag, PriceGrabber and its own affiliate-advertising program. The marketplace has low fees that only apply at point of sale.

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Trouble is, Margarita is a “woman of fire” who manages to scare away all suitors with her hot temper. Since Margarita is the older daughter, she must be married before Elena. Elena’s two suitors are quickly losing their patience, and Don Miguel fears his name will be disgraced if Margarita rejects Don Luis. Adam sets out to track down the man who has been impersonating him to clear his reputation.

Bonanza is an online marketplace created in 2008. Over its 13 years, it has grown massively and now features 30 million items for sale from over 40 thousand sellers. It’s free to join for both buyers and sellers.

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The vast size of the Cartwrights’ land was quietly revised to “half a million acres” on Lorne Greene’s 1964 song, “Saga of the Ponderosa”. The ranch name refers to the Pinus ponderosa , common in the West. The nearest town to the Ponderosa was Virginia City, where the Cartwrights would go to converse with Sheriff Roy Coffee , or his deputy Clem Foster . Reverb is a web site that links buyers and sellers of used, vintage, and new musical instruments.

You can also see the fees, customization options in the presentation of the product, and everything that makes Bonanza useful for sellers and buyers. I used this once and will never use it again. 3 days later my payment was refunded with no explanation. Very unprofessional sellers on this site, alot of the sellers are ebay rejects. The Bonanza staff members focus on the customers needs and deliver a top notch service!

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3Dsellers is one of the paid tools for listing, email templates, feedback reminders, tracking product shipments, and managing inventory. Selling online is much more aggressive than selling in a physical store. For both Bonanza and eBay, there are listing tools available that allow you to power up your product listings. However, you must pay a small percentage of your final offer value, or the amount the buyer pays for the item, plus any portion of the shipping fee that goes over 10. For final offer values under 500, the site charges you 3.5 percent; for anything greater than 500, you pay 17.50 plus 1.5 percent of the amount over 500.

The Night Virginia City Died

It’s just a kind of blackmail to force you to buy their shipping. Would have been nice to know that they don’t care to deal with people when the item they sold is not working. Many television broadcasts and DVDs of public domain episodes currently in circulation replace the famous title theme music with generic music.

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